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We’re Here to Provide the Care You Deserve

Everything that we do at Sterling Pointe Senior Living is to serve you. Spend your days leisurely enjoying our calendar of events, find solace in one of our services dedicated to improving your quality of life, or take part in any one of our communal features like our whirlpool spa or salon.

By focusing on comfort, choice, and individual care plans, you will discover a new life that caters exactly to your needs. The journey starts at Sterling Pointe is only just beginning, and we’re ready to help you every step of the way.

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Proudly Part of Lifesprk Senior Living

Sterling Pointe Senior Living is a proud member of Lifesprk Senior Living. Lifesprk Senior Living has set the standard for high-quality, individualized care for senior living communities all across the United States.

Lifesprk Senior Living started in 1989 with the goal to raise the standard of living for seniors across the country. We lead the senior living space by creating innovative care plans that focus on the individual. With our services, programs, and events, we help our residents achieve the best quality of life possible.

Our Mission

To Enrich the Lives of Those We Serve.

Our Commitments

Respect Everyone for Who They Are & Who They May Become

Everybody is unique and deserving of our respect. Your needs always come first, and we’re ready to provide you with care at all stages of your life.

Your life experiences matter to us, and we will do everything to ensure they are recognized and respected. When you’re here, you’re free to be yourself.

Our staff is here to provide, so feel free to come to us with any concerns or ideas you may have. Our mission is to provide you with the comfort you deserve.

Why Choose Sterling Pointe?

Our community has everything you could ever need to live comfortably. From programs and events that keep you engaged and healthy to spaces where you can spend time with friends and loved ones, you’ll find it easy to call Sterling Pointe Senior Living your home.

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Find comfort in tailored lifestyle plans that match your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. We customize our services to you, and we evolve as you do so that you always receive the level of care you deserve.

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We provide comprehensive training to each of our caregivers so they can truly support every lifestyle. With the help of our team, you can rest assured knowing you’re in careful, loving hands.

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Where to Find Us

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1250 Northland Drive
Princeton, MN 553719

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Phone: 763-299-8318


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